Wednesday, September 09, 2009

When you earn 50 billion in profit every year and your 2.3 billion dollar fine is tax deductable...

In addition to Pfizer - which also pleaded guilty to criminal charges for off-label promotion of its anticonvulsant Neurontin (gabapentin) in 2004 - and Lilly, other drug companies found to have engaged in criminal activity in the past 10 years include Abbott, Schering-Plough, AstraZeneca, Purdue and Bayer, says Dr Wolfe. However, he adds: “the ever-escalating fines are unlikely to stop drug companies from continuing to bribe doctors because they represent just a fraction of drug company profits and no one has gone to jail.”

Until “corporate titans are forced to fork over a much larger proportion of their illegally-gotten profits and are put behind bars, nothing will change,” he concludes.


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