Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Barack a Slow Learner?

James Boyce: Smug Stupid Republicans
Oh, can you imagine the snickers in the Republican house chambers? Crowing about how they got President Obama to meet with them, he reached out they chuckle, and we got our picture taken with them.

They high-five each other as they declare, 'we stuck to our core beliefs' not one of us crossed over and voted to help the average American. An aide slips the Barack The Magic Negro disc into the cd player.

Well, calm down my fellow Americans, their victory and their elation is short-lived because President Obama has many things to learn as President, as every new President does, but he has shown the ability to learn from a mistake, or learn from an experience in this case.

Druggie Limpole wasn't kidding when he said, "I want Obama to fail."  Just encase someone might read this that has the President's ear...  Druggie is the leader of the repubs and all of them want you to fail. 

They are going to make you add and take away from bills inorder to make your plans fail.  Repubs do not care about the American people.  They care about power. 

Do not kiss thier ass again! 


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