Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fox Hates.

Fox Business Channel / Jossip
The Flight of Fox News’ PR Team

Are things going downhill fast at Fox News Channel’s media relations department, just as they’re trying to generate positive buzz for today’s launch of Fox Business Channel?

Michael Murphy, a senior staffer at FNC’s D.C. bureau, just walked off the job — following director Leah Yoon and regular spokesman Darin Johnson. For what it’s worth, Michael emails us to say that he’s “leaving on great terms,” and, “I’m leaving to actually relocate home and be with my family at this time for personal reasons.” Mainstay publicist Dana Klinghoffer, however, remains — as some of your pitch-filled inboxes can attest to.

Which begs the question: Just what state of mind is Irena Briganti in these days? Which is sort of a silly question, we know.

<a href="">Irena Briganti: Irena Briganti, The Most Vindictive Flack In The Media World</a><br><blockquote>nti, flackery, profiles, public relations, television, media...<br>, fox news, roger ailes, moguls, rupert murdoch, newspapers, magazines, karma, evil corporations in action, top, fox<br>Irena Briganti, The Most Vindictive Flack In The Media World<br><br>So, David Carr has gone and pulled the curtain back a bit on Fox PR—the single most vicious PR operation in all the media. Good for him. So let's do our part by zeroing in on the one flack who is the face of Fox's feared, vengeful media relations operation. Her name is Irena Briganti. She's the female alter ego and mouthpiece of Fox boss Roger Ailes (pictured). She's been described as bubbly and charming in person. But she's the one holding the bloody hatchet that Fox regularly brings down right on reporters' heads. Here's everything you need to know about the scariest flack in mediadom:</blockquote>


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