Monday, December 03, 2007

Repubs hate science because, Jesus is the ONLY answer.

Hey Science, Don't Mess with Texas - Yahoo! News
This of course leads us to the Board of Education. (Thanks for the segue, Eugenie.) Comer had held her position for nine years, so what might have motivated the TEA to clear her office now? Perhaps the fact that next year the Texas Board of Education will review the state science curriculum and set standards for classroom instruction and textbook selection. My little conspiracy theory gets even better when you hear that the woman who led the charge to get rid of Comer just joined the TEA this year to become "senior adviser on statewide initiatives." (That woman, by the way, is Lizzette Reynolds, former deputy legislative director for Dubya when he was Texas guv and later a Bush appointee at the US Department of Education.) Might one of those statewide initiatives be inundating Texas children with intelligent design theory?

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