Monday, December 03, 2007

The Fundementalist Christians want America to be just like THIS

Do recent events represent Islam?
Under pressure from the international community, the Saudi government is considering overturning the woman's sentence. In effect, it is a death sentence, since few people can survive 200 heavy lashes from a strong-armed government flogger.

But unless the Saudi royal family commutes the victim's sentence, she will be whipped to death according to Sharia law as interpreted by the highest courts in the Arabian kingdom.

Judges have found the woman culpable because she was sitting in a car alone with a male who was not a relative. Her rapists -- who also raped her male companion -- received sentences of between 10 months and five years in prison. But because her sin so provoked and aroused her seven assailants, courts have found her to blame, too.

How many perverts can you think of that are Bat Shit Crazy Christian Fundamentalists? Blame the woman... It's a Christian ideal!

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