Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - News - Rush Limbaugh jokes about Viagra find - News - Rush Limbaugh jokes about Viagra find: "It is generally not illegal under Florida law for a physician to prescribe medication in a third party's name if all parties are aware and the doctor documents it correctly, said Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the state attorney in Palm Beach County. He would not discuss specifics in the Limbaugh case Tuesday."

Doctor shoping? In Fla, you can get perscriptioons other peoples names? I sure wish I was rich. I'd be above the law.
I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Fool Named Tom Adkins

Friends let us pick apart the babbling of a lost cause.

Tom Said:Let me introduce you to Mark. He is a very good friend of mine. And he is liberal. Why? I don’t know. I suspect his Mom dropped him on his head as an infant. Anyway, Mark bought a home from me 10 years ago. Then two years ago, he bought another. He kept the old home as an investment property, and rented it. That all worked great for two years, until the tenant moved out. Now, he is having a hard time selling or renting the property.

So Tom has a friend that he doesn't understand or like very much. His friend is having a hard time during the Bush economy. Okay.

Dear Mark,

So now, you are having trouble renting out your home. And you want to blame George Bush.

Well, I just want to straighten you out on why you are having a hard time renting your home.

We have the best economy in American history. But Americans don't know this. Why? Because the press isn't reporting it. That is a fact. Even CNN admitted this.

Why aren't they reporting this? Because they are liberal. And George Bush is conservative. Same thing for the war, for Social Security, and school choice, etc.

Best Economy ever. Best War ever. Best Social Security ever and School choice ever, But no one knows because of Liberals. CNN even said they weren't telling us about how great things really are.

But isn't FOX news the most watched cable news network? Are they not to blame too?

If this is the best economy ever, why can't he rent the house? What?

So, why should politics matter? Because there is a good chance Democrats will take back the House and Senate. Two years later, the Presidency is up for grabs. You may see Democrats control the House, Senate and Presidency in 30 months.

As a Democrat, you may feel happy about that. But here's why it's a problem.

I'm going to post this idiots CV at the end of this. We're about to read "According to Tom Adkins this is why the world will end if Democrats are elected!". Swell. Without even being elected Democrats are still over powering Republicans with the #2 cable network news station! HAH! Who needs all four branches ofgovernmentt and Fox news when you have CNN!

Fear me Tom!

The worst economy in the last 100 years was the Depression. It was a long time ago. But back then, Democrats dominated the House, Senate and Presidency for 20 years. Their philosophy was socialism, with lots of government intervention with rules, regulations and interference. And the economy sucked.

Yes, he's right. We did have a really bad economy during the depression. Of course little things like the fact that Republicans had dominated the presidency and congress since BEFORE 1910... Taft, Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Hoover cover the American presidency for the twenty years before the Great Depression. Run away capitalism caused the great Depression. Socialism started after people started jumping out of windows because then as now Republicans believed that every man was an island.

Yes, you've guessed it this idiot Tom is a Hannity Guest.

The second worse economy was under Jimmy Carter. Also, Democrats ran the House, Senate and Presidency. Same problems: a socialist philosophy of high taxes, high regulation and intervention

Actually, a complete lie worse than the previous lie. It wasn't the second worse. The second worst was during and right after that damned civil war we had.

What happened during the Carter years? We'd fought a war in Vietnam for ten to thirteen years and did nothing to play for it. The drain on the economy caught Ford and Carter. Reagan borrowed America out of the economic slump caused by an unfunded war.

But there is one more common aspect. Both Presidents avoided international conflict. Roosevelt should have allied with England and France in the 30s, and brought Hitler down. Roosevelt’s hesitation cost millions of lives and devastated economies for decades to come. Carter, of course, and by his own admission, allowed the Soviet Union to run amok across the globe. Fortunately, Reagan didn’t make the same mistake. He defeated the Soviets and unleashed the US economy with tax cuts.

Another total lie. First Roosevelt did aid Britainian as much as congress would allow him. No time for a history lesson but the way Presidents went to war changed after 1945 and that's why Korea was a police action. Carter loosed the USSR on the world in four years? What kind of crack is this guy smoking?

Reagan borrowed and made bombs. Afghanistan broke the Soviet back.

Today? George Bush recognized that our nation had neglected to defend ourselves from rising terrorism. Bush is the first president to take on terrorists, and he conducted a war in Afghanistan to kick the Taliban into the hills somewhere. Then, he tosses Saddam Hussein out on his ass. You would think Americans would support freeing 50 million people from terrorists, and support any American President during wartime, especially because his pre-emptive strike was actually quite successful. Sure, it cost 2,000 Americans their lives, But Libya surrendered its weapons program, complete with a sizeable nuclear aspect. Syria withdrew from Lebanon. And now that Iran is threatening to go Islamo-nuclear, Bush has that country surrounded on all sides by allies.

That's one delusional paragraph. W was the first to take on "terrorists"? "Pre-emptive strike quite successful"? Pre-emptive of what? Libya had nukes? Blah, blah, blah... Tom needs a map. My eyes have rolled on to the floor.

There will be no World War IV. There will be no nuclear attack. We'll get there first. Why? Because we have troops in Iraq.

Yet America does not support George Bush. Instead, Democrats have done a magnificent job of preying upon our fears, and making this war seem like it’s going bad when it’s actually going quite well. This is committing treason. I can't imagine such an effort in 1942, can you?

Tom, perhaps if you stopped drinking alone?

So, what does this have to do with your situation? A lot. If Democrats told the truth about the economy, Americans would have more confidence, and not be afraid to spend and corporations wouldn’t be afraid to invest, grow and hire. If Democrats told the truth about the war, Americans would have a higher opinion about the President, the world's fence-sitters would be on our side, and the world's corrupt governments (particularly Western Europe) would either be embarrassed or get in line to support the war. And the markets would follow. That would strengthen the dollar and strengthen America's respect overseas. Why does this matter? Because oil prices would be $30 a barrel lower. Inflation would be lower. And the Federal Reserve would not raise interest rates. Therefore, people would have more money to spend.

So the greatest economy in the history of the world, the best War ever, are being sufficated by CNN and the Liberals because we hate W just that much... I've got a new Democratic slogan, "Kill yourself to make W look bad.". (Where the F@#k did my eyeballs go?)

And, if Democrats and the press told the truth about the world, the war and the economy, the stock market would be 3,000 points higher, incomes would be 5% higher and interest rates would be 1% lower.

Damn liberal media and the Democrats are keeping the stock market 3,000 points lower (We Democrats are so All POWERFUL he's actuall talking about the S&P 500!), America from winning the war on terror, and we'd all be making 5% more! Wait until Bill Gates finds out!

Therefore, more people would have more money. Especially the people who want to buy or rent houses. Like your house.

Do tell Mr. ADKINS! That's amazing!

Instead, despite the best economy in world history, we are feeling the negative effects of the Democrat party's success in tearing down the President IN WARTIME, and willingly damaging our nation, purely for political power.

Remember this president named Clinton who went after OBL? I remember all the Republicans going ape and crying because "No war for Monica" they impeached him for Monica kisses.
We were at war then too... Seems you Republicans are the ones doing all the damage now don't it? For nothing more than political power too... My, my look at your lies Tom. Why do you lie so much?

Now that you have a stake in the game, you may finally have figured out what conservatives have known for a long time: Democrats are screwing America. And now, you have been screwed by your own party. And your own vote. So, you can directly thank Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post for your missed opportunity. Your family could have made some money. But your own party just screwed you.

But Tom when will the Republican party stop being the party of victims? Why are you so powerless Tom? Shame on you.

I like you a hell of a lot, Mark. But I have been waiting for you to learn a lesson on how liberal politics can really hurt the average family. Unfortunately for you, it's become a rather tough lesson. You can thank yourself.


Mark, I'm pretty sure this guy hates your guts and blames you for everything that's wrong in his life.

Tom is saying that only more shitty Republican policy can save Mark? Get real Tom, if you can't get the job done with complete control of the government and Fox News when can you get the job done? Never. Thought so.

Tom Adkins
Known for biting wit, Tom has left people laughing, crying, angry, but always thinking about the issues. Beneath Tom's ironic style, lies deep theoretical detail. It is not uncommon for readers to finish a Tom Adkins piece saying, "This is what I wanted to say, but I didn't know how to say it." Until they read it!
Tom has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Times, City Paper, Insight, The Hill, and often picked up via wire services in most major newspapers. He's also appeared on ABC's "Politically Incorrect", Fox "New's Beyond the News", "Hannity & Colmes", CN8's "It's Your Call" and numerous other shows.
Tom resides in the Philadelphia area, taking on liberals wherever he finds them.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

News Hounds: More Allegations Of Plagiarism Against Ann Coulter

News Hounds: More Allegations Of Plagiarism Against Ann Coulter

"Segregation: The Politics of Conservatism"

More later.