Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, Nov 23

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, Nov 23: "Nov 23 (Reuters) - Following are security incidents reported in Iraq on Wednesday, Nov. 23, as of 1100 GMT.

U.S. and Iraqi forces are battling a Sunni Arab insurgency against the Shi'ite- and Kurdish-led government in Baghdad.

BAGHDAD - A 70-year-old Sunni Arab man and three of his sons were killed by gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms in the western Hurriya district of Baghdad, relatives said.

BAGHDAD - A former senior traffic police officer was killed by gunmen in his home in the Yarmouk district of southwestern Baghdad, a police source said.

BAGHDAD - Police said a director at a Baghdad battery factory was killed by gunmen while driving near his home in the western Jami'aa district of Baghdad. "

Stay the course... What course is that?


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