Friday, October 14, 2005

AP Wire | 10/13/2005 | Today in history - Oct. 14

AP Wire | 10/13/2005 | Today in history - Oct. 14: "Ten years ago: An armed gunman seized a bus carrying South Korean tourists in Moscow's Red Square (commandos stormed the bus the next day, killing the gunman and freeing four remaining hostages). The Atlanta Braves won the National League pennant by beating the Cincinnati Reds, 6-0, to complete a four-game sweep.

Five years ago: Two hijackers seized a London-bound Saudi Arabian Airlines jetliner carrying more than 100 people, taking it first to Syria and then to Baghdad, Iraq, where they surrendered peacefully. A mudslide caused by heavy rains swept through the Swiss Alpine village of Gondo, destroying buildings and killing 13 people.

One year ago: The Treasury Department announced that the federal deficit had surged to a record $413 billion in 2004. A suicide bomber killed four Americans in the U.S.-guarded 'Green Zone' of Baghdad."



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