Friday, August 19, 2005

U.S. envoy: Afghanistan bad -- but it's no Iraq

U.S. envoy: Afghanistan bad -- but it's no Iraq: "A surge of violence since winter has killed about 1,000 people in Afghanistan -- 59 American soldiers among them. Militants have stepped up assaults in the south and east, while U.S. and Afghan troops answer with their own offensives.

On Thursday, a homemade bomb hit a convoy of U.S. troops supporting crews improving a road from the main southern city of Kandahar to outlying mountains. Two soldiers in an armored vehicle were killed and two were wounded, the military said."

This would be the place where osama bin laden is or is close to, remember 9/11? Prolly not. Most think 9/11 has something to do with Iraq not Afghanistan.


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