Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 25

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 25: "U.S. and Iraqi forces are battling a Sunni Arab insurgency against the Shi'ite and Kurdish-led government in Baghdad.

ABU SAYDA - Six Iraqi civilians were killed and 15 wounded on Thursday, mostly elderly men, when gunmen burst into a popular cafe in the small town of Abu Sayda, about 60km (37 miles) north of Baghdad, health officials said. They said people had gathered at the cafe for breakfast and drinks before gunmen sprayed them with gunfire.

KIRKUK - Three people including a Filipino contract worker were killed in an ambush by militants in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Wednesday, the Philippine foreign ministry said. The Filipino was traveling with two Iraqis when gunmen opened fire on their car.

HAWIJA - One Iraqi soldier was killed and three people wounded including a child when a roadside bomb blew up near their patrol in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija on Wednesday, the defence ministry said.

BAGHDAD - One insurgent was killed and two injured in clashes with Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad's upscale district of Yarmouk on Wednesday, a defence ministry statement said.

BAQUBA - A muezzin at a Shi'ite mosque in Baquba was killed, his brother said. Gunmen in two cars stopped Mohammed Yassin in his car and shot him dead, he said. (Reporting by Faris al-Mehdawi in Baquba, Mussab Al-Khairalla in Baghdad and Manny Mogato in Manila) "

Nation building is hard work.

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