Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, August 2

Reuters AlertNet - Security incidents in Iraq, August 2: "BAGHDAD, August 2 (Reuters) - Following are security incidents reported in Iraq on Tuesday, August 2, as of 0650 GMT. U.S. and Iraqi forces are battling a Sunni Arab insurgency against the Shi'ite and Kurdish-led government in Baghdad.

BAGHDAD - Five civilians were killed and one wounded when gunmen ambushed their car in Shu'la district, western Baghdad, a police source said.

BAQUBA - A car bomb blew up near an Iraqi police patrol in al-Ummal district, in the northern area of Baquba, 50 km (30 miles) northeast of Baghdad. A police source said one child was killed and eight policemen and a civilian were wounded.

BAGHDAD - Chief of Abu Ghraib police station, Brigadier Mizhir Mohammed Youssef, was killed in al-Ubaidi area, eastern Baghdad, when gunmen shot at his car, a police source said. (Reporting by Faris al-Mehdawi in Baquba, Walid Ibrahim, Huda Majeed and Hiba Moussa in Baghdad) "


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