Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Calgary Sun: Body sealed in tomb

The Calgary Sun: Body sealed in tomb

I lived through the Reagan years. Carter was stuck with a chairman of the reserve who had to raise interest rates to stop inflation... This destroys Carter's chance to get re-elected along with the October suprise. If you knew someone who was from latin America, had Aids, had to go to college, had a mental disability, or pretty much anyone who wasn't a white man... Reagan hurt them and hurt them in ways that had never been tried before in American history. From Ketchup is a vegtable to tossing the mentally ill out on the streets and then saying they chose to be homeless. the legacy of hate is clear.

Reagan created a huge amount of debt and did damage to America that can never be undone. for instance the ownership of the media by conservatives occured under Reagan. The twisting of executive privledge. Reagan wasn't a great president, he was a cancer on America and it is wrong that his legacy is being twisted into a lie.


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