Monday, June 21, 2004

Star-Telegram | 06/20/2004 | Entertainer-in-chief

Star-Telegram | 06/20/2004 | Entertainer-in-chief

Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore is loud, obnoxious and entertaining. He's also the future of political debate in America.

By Christopher Kelly

Star-Telegram Film Critic

Experts not behind reversal on Plan B / FDA bowed to politics, critics say

Experts not behind reversal on Plan B / FDA bowed to politics, critics say / News / Nation / Staff scientists opposed FDA reasons to reject Plan B contraceptive

The government is now in the business of becoming a theocracy. When the people are denied access to medicine because the president is a fundamentalist Christian, were all in deep trouble. What happens when the president strongly believes that vaccines cause autism? - Study: Vaccines' mercury causes autism-like signs in mice

Will he have the power to force the FDA to stop the introduction of a new vaccine? Especially one that he believes encourages promiscuity? That’s the whole point of stopping Plan B. Preventing women from having sex whenever they want to. Which is a religious philosophy. That is what is so dangerous about this event. Good science has been over ruled by religion. What’s next? Stopping an AIDS vaccine because it will encourage promiscuity in gays?

The dark ages are closer than you might think.

But wait, there's a "Catch 22" here.

Normally the massively powerful drug industry would be railing against a decision like this. Why isn’t the drug industry railing? - NATION/WORLD

The FDA has become an advocate of the pharmaceutical industry since George Herbert Walker Bush III has become President. Not only that but, you’d have to subscribe to The Pink Sheet to get an idea of just how much the FDA has backed off enforcement.

But there's more. Tax breaks for the Pharmaceutical industry have never been sweeter (HR 4520). An industry that improves its profits by at least 8% year after year (In English, they make 8% more this year than they did last year, that’s an average, a good company will make 25% more this year than last year, year after year.) and has the balls to complain about research and development costs. Did you know the Federal government subsidizes pharmaceutical research to the tune of 25% of their costs? Did you know the remaining 75% of research costs are tax deductible at a rate of 40% to 100% depending on how the costs are allocated? - Productivity gains roll at their fastest clip in 31 years

So the Republicans have paid off the pharmaceutical companies to keep quiet and the pharmaceutical companies have paid off the republicans to keep their profits high and you the people are the one's paying for it all.

Canada trip to buy drugs is called off; Pfizer blamed -

As an FYI, Pfizer is the third largest pharmaceutical PAC not the largest.

Report - The Drug Company Habit: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry Campaign Contributions and Policy Influence

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America - Disinfopedia

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Calgary Sun: Body sealed in tomb

The Calgary Sun: Body sealed in tomb

I lived through the Reagan years. Carter was stuck with a chairman of the reserve who had to raise interest rates to stop inflation... This destroys Carter's chance to get re-elected along with the October suprise. If you knew someone who was from latin America, had Aids, had to go to college, had a mental disability, or pretty much anyone who wasn't a white man... Reagan hurt them and hurt them in ways that had never been tried before in American history. From Ketchup is a vegtable to tossing the mentally ill out on the streets and then saying they chose to be homeless. the legacy of hate is clear.

Reagan created a huge amount of debt and did damage to America that can never be undone. for instance the ownership of the media by conservatives occured under Reagan. The twisting of executive privledge. Reagan wasn't a great president, he was a cancer on America and it is wrong that his legacy is being twisted into a lie.