Friday, May 14, 2004


Limbaugh Runs Newspaper Attack Ads |

We leftist have been waiting for this day for fifteen excruciating years. The day has finally come. The inventor of the terms feminazi, environmental wacko, islamofascism, judeofacsism / zionazism, orthodox taliban, and the ever favorite loony left has just heard the other shoe drop.

Yes, we on the left just find it outrageous that a district attorney would want to find out who was dealing OxyContin in his district. The district attorneys’ office wants to review the medical records of an admitted addict to find the doctors who were/are illegally dealing drugs, this is just outrageous. It never happens, honest!

Come on it's not like poor black people are using this drug! what's the big deal?

An even greater outrage is that an editor would post an opinion in a newspaper editorial condemning Rush for not allowing the district attorney to see his medical records. To add to the appalling outrage in that very same editorial a editor spoke out about Rush seeing no problem with sticking fluorescent lights up prisoners asses by wishing the same on Rush. Appalling! What is America coming to!

Seriously, what we have here is just another example of the wealthy having far more rights than the common man.


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