Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Polls Suggest Public Anxiety on Iraq High

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Polls Suggest Public Anxiety on Iraq High

It appears that American Media can't or won't tell this story, without spin...

Monday, May 17, 2004

U.S. Criticizes China Statement on Use of Force Against Taiwan

Bloomberg.com: Asia

This just in: Bush foreign policy, complete failure. WWIV to start before November Elections.

Director Moore Tears Into Bush at Cannes Festival

Politics News Article | Reuters.com

It is to watch a shark circle a man in the water... He'll hold still at first and hope the shark goes away. Soon he starts trying to kick and hit the shark as it glides past him. Then he thrashes and screams as the shark finally moves in for the kill.

Friday, May 14, 2004


Did you know corporations pay less for their electricity, water, natural gas, sewer, property taxes, income taxes and even trash removal on a per unit basis than their employees?

I bet you are saying, "Of course they do! They use a lot more and so they “have” to get a break." Guess what, you the worker make up the difference on your bill(s). Just a reminder that you subsidize the company you work for. It’s important that you know this because there is an election coming up.


Limbaugh Runs Newspaper Attack Ads | theledger.com

We leftist have been waiting for this day for fifteen excruciating years. The day has finally come. The inventor of the terms feminazi, environmental wacko, islamofascism, judeofacsism / zionazism, orthodox taliban, and the ever favorite loony left has just heard the other shoe drop.

Yes, we on the left just find it outrageous that a district attorney would want to find out who was dealing OxyContin in his district. The district attorneys’ office wants to review the medical records of an admitted addict to find the doctors who were/are illegally dealing drugs, this is just outrageous. It never happens, honest!

Come on it's not like poor black people are using this drug! what's the big deal?

An even greater outrage is that an editor would post an opinion in a newspaper editorial condemning Rush for not allowing the district attorney to see his medical records. To add to the appalling outrage in that very same editorial a editor spoke out about Rush seeing no problem with sticking fluorescent lights up prisoners asses by wishing the same on Rush. Appalling! What is America coming to!

Seriously, what we have here is just another example of the wealthy having far more rights than the common man.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Yahoo! News - Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

Yahoo! News - Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

Madness! How can torture ever be deemed okay?

Yahoo! News - U.S. Denies Holding Beheading Victim

Yahoo! News - U.S. Denies Holding Beheading Victim

These reads like spin... 13 days in detention and the American answer is "I didn't do it!".

It's a Republican spin

Please keep in mind, there were no Al Kay Duh in Iraq until after we invaded, opened the borders to anyone with an AK47 and or an RPG and our brilliant President Bush said, "Bring it on."

I guess cutting a guys head off is, "Bringing it on."

These people were not there when we invaded. They are the new enemy we created, we literally invited then to fight us in Iraq.

This beheading is not the reason we invaded Iraq. This beheading is not the reason prisoners were tortured.

Do not let the fascists fool you in to thinking this was anything but another mistake by our people in Iraq. We imprisoned him, we dumped him on the street with no protection. Come on, we handed this poor guy over to them...

It’s almost like this same thing didn’t happen in Pakistan a few years ago…

In case you're interested here's what those crazy f*cks were saying before they beheaded him.

reuters translation.

"As for you Bush, dog of the Christians, anticipate what will harm you and difficult days. You and your soldiers will regret the day you stepped foot in Iraq and dared to violate Muslims.

"A message to the traitorous agent (Pakistani President) Pervez Musharraf: We tell him that we wait eagerly to receive your soldiers and, by God, we will demand them before the Americans and avenge the blood of our brothers in (Afghanistan).

"As for you, mothers and wives of American soldiers, we tell you that we offered the American administration to exchange this prisoner for some prisoners in Abu Ghraib, but they refused.

"We tell you that the honor of Muslim men and women in Abu Ghraib and other (prisons) are more noble than blood and lives.

"And you will only get shroud after shroud and coffin after coffin slaughtered in this manner."

The beheading This is very graphic, I recommend not watching it.

The Republican spin that this was just retaliation for the prison abuses doesn't hold water when you read the translation of the speach before the beheading.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ramble On.

I’m a Moderator for the Randi Rhodes show forums and in an effort to be transparent I’ve created this BLOG.

My political perspective?

I’m pro choice.
I’m pro euthanasia.
I’m against the death penalty.
I’m pro taxation of wealth and against taxation of income.
I’m for the legalization of most recreational drugs, it is the right thing to do.
I’m pro Union.
I’m anti war.
I’m anti corporate welfare.
I’m pro social welfare.
I’m pro affirmative action.

I believe the individual should control large portions of their own destiny. The government shouldn’t have control over the individual’s life and or death. It’ isn’t the governments place to tell a woman she has to have a child; it isn’t the governments place to declare that a persons life must go on against the will of the individual and it certainly isn’t the governments place to declare a persons life is over against the will of the individual. . Those are choices that should be left to the individual and or destiny.

The people have been mislead in to believing that they pay their fair share of taxes when in fact they do not. The common people who have less that 5% of all the wealth available in the United States of America pay over 50% of the taxes. This is outrageous when you consider that 1% of the American people own 95% of the wealth and pay less than 50% of the taxes. Individuals should not be taxed based on income but based on their wealth. The American people have been lied to and actually believe that the wealthy of this country pay an unfair amount of taxes. This very idea is ridiculous as the wealthy have the resources to pay the taxes while everyone else doesn’t. It’s like saying the people with a virtual lake of resources shouldn’t have to pay as much as everyone else who have nothing more than a bucket of resources. It’s a ridiculous play on statistics. This is also why a flat tax will not work and why it isn’t fair. The wealthy simply have more, so much more that it isn’t possible for the common person to support the system that supports the wealthy. The wealthy must support their infrastructure (material, from roads to pipes) and their protections (From the SEC to your local police officer) as they are the only ones with the wealth to actually support it. You know why we have a massive national debt? The wealthy haven’t and aren’t paying their fair share.

The drug wars are and were a total fabrication. From the roots of drug laws that were intended to repress the Chinese to the Crack Cocaine laws that are intended to repress the African Americans, it’s all unjust and untenable. This country has had a war on drugs for over 115 years. Perhaps another solution should be considered?

The right to Unionize is essential. Every advancement made in labor laws can be traced back to Union organization. From child labor laws, holidays, a forty-hour work weak, overtime pay, sick leave and even vacation time, all have their roots in union organizations. Now in order to avoid paying labor what it is worth corporations are outsourcing work to countries with no organized labor. Now corporations are using child labor, demanding more than a forty-hour week, and basically trashing every union advancement made in the last 70 years by moving labor functions over seas. We don’t need to stop the outsourcing of jobs we will need to unionize the people.

Who is pro war? The Military Industrial Complex is, that’s who. We enter in to wars to easily and for the wrong reasons. Wars are places where young men and women are forced to kill or be killed. Wars are horrible and it seems that the American people have forgotten that.

Corporate welfare? Why are companies that earn a considerable percentage more profit than they did year before, year after year, getting tax breaks and government grants for research or grants just for being in America?

Social welfare? It’s cheaper than prison.

Affirmative action? Currently the American Social structure creates a system of repression. Schools are funded from local tax dollars. The poor have poor schools and the rich have rich schools. Access to colleges is also limited via monies and what makes it worse are the token allotments of scholarships. If not for affirmative action America’s minorities and women would be locked out of the economy.

I’m moving to Amsterdam as soon as I can.
I hope you’ll join me.